E-gaming: Adverse Effects on Children

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Nowadays, a vast majority of people especially Kids and Adults are engaged in playing different e-games which can be either good or bad for them. Most of the Parents associate these games with the negative impacts. For instance, many believe that they make its consumers arrogant and ignorant and more often, violent. Many researchers have also supported this fact by carrying out empirical studies to demonstrate the violent behavior of children caused by playing e-games which are based upon killing, fighting, shooting etc. Hence, these violent games serve as a motivation behind why people become violent or commit anti-social behavior.

E-gaming: Adverse Effects on Children

If you are a parent in this modern age of Information and Technology, it is more likely that you children is playing or will play e-games which may be a source of stress for you. Being a cross-cutting factor, these games could target different aspects of its consumer’s life. There are a number of games available in today industry ranging from casual, educational to violent games. Although, many researchers have found that educational games were increasingly popular among the girls of different age groups but alongside, violent games continue to be superior among all the games since they are played by almost every boy.

E-gaming: Adverse Effects on Children

E-gaming: Adverse Effects on Children

Negative effects of getting addicted to E-games

What could you learn from a game if you are intended to kill a zombie and drive a high-speed car with irresponsible behavior of breaking the traffic rules too? Here are some of the common negative impacts witnessed by the gamer players and their parents:

  1. Playing too many e-games makes kid socially isolated. Also, they may spend less time in other activities such as doing homework, sports, reading and interacting with the family and friends. The relationship will suffer as they would be reluctant to go out for a hangout with their loved ones.
  2. E-games have the potential to take the children into a fantasy world due to which sometimes they imagined impossible things and tried to apply it in my practical life. This imagination may hamper their cognitive ability to think.
  3. Most of the games reward the kids for being violent. The repetition of rewards creates aggressive thoughts in them which they often try to impose on their beloved ones in real life. The children, in that case, will develop aggressive tendencies.
  4. In many games, women are shown as weak, helpless and provocative in sexual terms. This significantly weakens the position of women in the gaming world as well as in the virtual world where they could be made subject to sexual assaults. Whatever, the children learn at their early development stage, it could be reflected when they have grown up.
  5. The more the children play video or e-games, they are more likely to invest less time in their studies which ultimately lead them to show poor performance at schools and colleges. Moreover, many game players skip their studies in order to play games which have a very bad effect on their academics. As a result, the game players will scoreless as compared to other children that do not play too many e-games.
  6. Researchers have shown that e-games could also adversely affect the health of children in terms of obesity, skeletal disorders, and nerve compression etc. Playing for continuous hours would let them miss their social life and sit idle at home.
  7. It has also been demonstrated that the attraction of kids to e-games increases anxiety level and depression due to which they are arrogant in their behavior. If a mission is not accomplished, then the game player may express his/her anger on its family members and could also start tearing things apart.

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