E-games: Positive Effects on Children

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As the e-games continue to attract masses, more people are intended to play e-games which causes a major increase in the income of Gaming Industry in billion dollars. The proportion of people playing e-games are increasing day by day due to which many researches have been conducted in the sample enlightening its various aspects.

E-games: Positive Effects on Children

Being a favourite activity of children, it is perceived that playing such games would have negative impacts on children’s cognitive, health and social skills but playing e-games does have some of the positive effects too which increases the overall well-being of those, who are intented to play e-games. This sparks a debate between the positive and negative side effects of gaming.

E-games: Positive Effects on Children

E-games: Positive Effects on Children

Here are some of the positive effects which are worth mentioning:

  1. The problem or puzzle solving ability of the children get sharpened when he/she plays games such as Angry Birds, Temple Run, Cut the Rope and so on. In this way, the children comes with a better approach to solve the puzzle.
  2. Almost all the Military games enhances the leadership ability and decision-making power of the children which in today’s world is very important to make quick decisions. There are many games in which the children are suppose to take the command of an Army comprised of several hundreds troops which are then deployed to accomplish different tasks to surrender the enemy. Thus, playing such military games would have a very useful effect on the children especially for those, who want to join military forces in the nearby future.
  3. Researches have shown that the spelling, mathematical and reading abilities of a children significantly improves when he/she plays educational games. While playing educational games, a children is expected to follow the story, learn along the way and then make decisions. Such tactics would help to open educational opportunities in field such as grammar, maths, physics and even geography as well.
  4. In many games, the children are given unusual problems to solve for which they must try out an effective strategy to solve. This does not only force the Kids to act quickly but also, it helps them to try new solutions in order to solve the problems. Thus, who pay attention to different events in a game are more likely to apply this skill in their practical life too.
  5. E-games are often blamed for the poor social skills of the children which is not the real case. When a children plays game, he is expected to act and respond quickly to the unusual scenarios which can teach them autism. These games are a major source of providing the opportunity to the children to improve their skills such as management, self-monitoring and planning etc.
  6. Most of the children fail in higher level of games. Consequently, they keep on trying to succeed in order to get to the next level. Such kids do not give up in their real life too.
  7. Winning a game requires a children to take risks. If he or she do not take any risk, then more probably they would not succeed. It requires children’s courage to take risks. This may have a positive impact where the children will have the courage to take risks in practical life as well in order to move forward.
  8. Many previous studies have highlighted that, playing games can lead to health gains. For instance, brain connections are improved due to brain training games.
  9. In some of the games notably example of Age of Empires and SimCity etc, the player is required to manage its resources that are limited. Such games provides them the opportunity to make a best use of their resources in the same way as in real life.

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