Copa America was not meant for Messi from the very beginning

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CFollowing today’s Final Copa America Playing Soccer match between Argentina and Chile, a million fans received setback due to unexpected loss of Argentina by Chile. Perhaps, it was not a moment of sadness for the best footballer but perhaps a profound sad news for all of us. The tyranny is Messi was never able to win the crown despite the fact that he deserves the most.

For all the dunking runs, composure, footwork, dribbling, selflessness, power, strength, passing accuracy and the winner of Ballon d’Or five times was leading Argentina for the 112th time but miserably failed to place the crown on Argentina’s head despite giving appearance four times in finals; the World Cup final of 2014 against Germany and three finals of Copa Americas in 2007, 2015 and 2016 respectively. Last year 2014, Chile beats Argentina in the final battle of Copa America when Gutierrez took the advantage of Argentina’s poor defense side just after 10 minutes.

Copa America was not meant for Messi from the very beginning

After the unbelievable loss of Argentina, Messi expressed his anger on Argentina’s Football Association to organize transport for them. In such scenarios, they expressed their anger in the form of a couple of tweets or a strongly worded letter. On the other hand, Messi was furious for missing a penalty and eventually, retired from the International football. Messi in his statement; I never expected this from myself and in particular, the way I am going to retire.

However, it is not possible for an individual to win the international tournament all alone. You do not need to be an extraordinary footballer but instead, teamwork is what makes you succeed. Many of the average football players were able to raise the trophy and win big prizes. The football tournaments have now become elite football where even great football players become terrible and tend to be reasonable. According to Maradona, Messi is a very good Soccer player but he has no personality. He lacks the character of a Leader. That seems to be true as well in a sense that Messi has been failed to lead his team to victory as Maradona single-handedly leads Argentina to won the World Cup in 1986.

Copa America was not meant for Messi from the very beginning

Copa America was not meant for Messi from the very beginning

Messi’s Recovery from Injury Last Year

Messi recovered from his injury last year and helped Barcelona to win the La Liga title once more but could not help his own Nation to become the Copa America Champions despite that GOD has given him plenty of chances in the final to win for Argentina. Although, Messi was injured for Argentina’s opening match against Chile but came as a substitute later on in the Panama match and scored hattrick just in 19 minutes leading Argentina towards a 5-0 victory. As a result, he then equalizes the most international goal scoring record of Gabriel Batistuta which was 54 but later on, he marked his 55th goal against the United States in the Semi-Final making a new international record for goal scoring.

Keep in mind all the fact and figures

We should not criticize Messi as he puts great efforts which led his team to qualify for the Final but unfortunately, Messi could not lead his team to victory in the Final.The irony marks here when Messi along with his team fellows known as Mascherano and Aguero have all officially announced their retirement. The other famous and talented Argentine football players are right on the verge of it as Biglia, Di Maria, Higuain and Lavezzi are expected to announce theirs as well in the coming days. Either they are getting shafted by the board or they are all a bunch of wimps. No wonder that groups never won anything.

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