Addiction to E-Games

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The Best E-games has proved to be having very strong impacts on individual lives. E-games have become an integral part of each and every one. They just cannot resist these games and one the main reason is that the e-games that have been developed recently are very entertaining and full of amusement. By playing these games one just cannot keep track of time.

Addiction to E-Games

Once you start to play a game you just see that the time starts to pass so fast because it is one hell of an interesting to do and due to such property of these games people getting addicted to these games are increasing day by day and there does not seem to be any solution to this issue. Addiction to E-Games, The problem that these games are causing are quite harmful and there are not many people who seem to be paying attention towards it.

Addiction to E-Games

E-Games are cause of health problems

E-games are causing harm to health but they are also causing harm to the people around. There have been a series of events regarding e-games which proved that these e-games can do no good and continue to be fatal.

Once a woman got so engrossed in playing an e-game that she had literally ignored the surroundings and was unaware of what was happening around her. She even forgot about the baby she had. While she was an e-game her baby started to cry but that woman did not take any notice and so many hours passed by in the same way. The baby was continuously crying and the woman continued to play her game but all of the sudden the sound of baby crying had stopped and when the woman finally got up to see it was too late because that baby had died of hunger.

Young ones addiction to e-games

In another case a young boy started to play E-games or Slot Games. He was getting more and more addicted to these games day by day and he found himself playing these games every time. One day he started to play a game and was unable to stop. He continued to play his game and surprisingly he continued his game to three days. He did not have any food and water during these days and as a result, he had died. When investigations were carried out then it had come to know that he had died due to severe dehydration. His heart and all of his organs had stopped to perform their actions due to dehydration.

Addicting e-games banned in Australia

Observing this kind of circumstances where people were literally dying and getting so much a very interactive and addicting e-game was banned in Australia because it was the high time that they had to do something to save their nation from such an addiction which was causing a great many problems to the people. The E-game Spartan: an Excellent Spartan Battle on your Computer. It is very important for the players to keep checking if they are getting addicted to these games then they should get some help regarding it. They should talk to an adult about it and try to minimize playing these games as much as possible.

The first sign which shows that a person is getting addicted to games is that he feels strange kind of happiness and contentment when he is playing online games and he feels hypnotized by the joy that he is having. The second sign is that when a person starts to give more importance to these e-games than his errands. He just plugs in to play these games even when he knows that he is supposed to do something else at that time. If a person feels to be having these signs within himself then he should take effective steps to get rid of these games.

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